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Who said a patterned ceramic tile floor would make your kitchen look too bohemian? There is this trend I keep seeing in design interiors that shows the exact opposite. In fact, sleek contemporary kitchens are matched with deep textured cement tiles, in floral or geometric patterns and the result is totally gorgeous. I think this trend is a part of the whole mix&match movement that’s been going on in the interior design sector (and not only) for quite a time now. For example, you already own an old, antiquated space, with its large openings, stucco, moldings and a floor of vintage tiles and all you need to do are just some strategical moves to uplift it into a contemporary sophisticated space. In a kitchen, that means, unrefined wooden, lacquered or even inox cabinetry (isn’t that so radical?), designer chairs and fixtures, all in sparse quantities, to let the actual space show off. The good thing with this style is that it can easily be reproduced in a newly designed home or in a home redecorating as well. The cement tiles options out there are endless. Some great ones you can find here with a variety of geometric, floral and ethnic inspired patterns. I’m taking notes for my future kitchen, probably would go for a two toned one, like the one in the 8th photo but a bold curvy pattern like the one in the second, doesn’t look bad either. So, would you choose a patterned tile floor for your kitchen? Does any of the following photos touch your design soft spot? I’d love to know!

Hình ảnh không gian bếp hiện đại sử dụng gạch bông.

01-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-b-arch 02-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-meritxell-ribe 03-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-minim-es 04-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-nuevo-estilo 05-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-lovely-life 06-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-nuevo-estilo 07-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-elle-decor-italia-2013-nathalie-krag 08-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-egue-y-seta-mauricio-fuertes 09-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-FJ-Interior-Design-Sara-Niedzwiecka 10-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-kismet-tile 11-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-meritxell-ribe 12-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-maria-de-la-osa 13-my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles-skona-hem my-paradissi-contemporary-kitchens-with-cement-tiles